ahh-braAre you one of those women who live for the end of the day, just so you can take off your bra? I always have been. If I’m not pulling up a strap, I’m pulling down the band, or twitching the fool thing back into place. It drives me crazy! Or at least it did until I finally found one that’s comfortable. If the idea of a comfy brassiere excites you and you’d rather skip right to the dirt cheap Ahh Bra page than continue reading, go ahead. I’ll wait here, in case you decide to come back.

I think it started with my first training bra, which had the uncanny ability of throwing a strap out of my sleeve at the most embarrassing times. Never did get that thing to be totally comfortable but I was new to bra wearing, so I had high hopes that once I graduated into a big girl bra that I would experience a greater level of comfort. Boy, was I wrong!

Underwires, hooks, scratchy lace were even more uncomfortable. And the straps still slid down. If I tightened them, they sank painfully into my shoulders and pulled the cups (and underwires) up onto my breasts if I moved. That was about the time that I decided being a girl wasn’t that much fun.

ahh bra size chart

Ahh Bra Size Chart

Over the years, I have tried just about every style and brand of bra imaginable. Playtex, Wonderbra, Triumph, Loveable bras and bras that I’d never heard of. Every one of them still left me longing for ‘take off the bra’ time. Well, I’m ecstatic to report that after decades of discomfort, I have finally found a solution that works fabulously for me and if you’re looking for comfort, you owe it to yourself to take a closer look at this bra, too.

You may have seen ads for the Ahh Bra. Honestly, I didn’t expect this brassiere to hold up to hype, mostly because no other bra I had ever tried was completely comfortable. I have the depressions in my shoulders to prove it. This time though, at least for me, the advertising turned out to be true. The Ahh Bra is the most comfortable bra that I have ever worn. No more pulling, adjusting or twitching. Everything stays where it belongs yet moves with me. I like that. A lot.

Of course, not every bra works for every woman but I highly recommend trying the Ahh Bra, at least once in your life. After all, wouldn’t you love to be comfortable all day instead of having to wait until your bra comes off? Imagine that for a second then check the Ahh Bra out for yourself. You have nothing to lose by looking and who knows, maybe it will be just the bra you’ve been looking for.

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